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LARP Invite: Time Bounce, Sunday May 4, Mountain View

Wonderful friends and precious enemies,

Hi there!

I'll be running a one-shot Live Action Role-playing Game on Sunday, May 4, starting at noon, at Hilton Garden Inn in Mountain View. It's an original science fiction/time travel game, and I hope you can come and play.

All the details are in the flier below.

If you're interested in playing or finding out more, please mail me at ted@timebounce.com.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

Ted Prodromou


A one-shot science fiction LARP of adventure, paradox and trouble

The Story

Dr. Dale Luard, a reputable inventor known for designing the modern electric car and the DVD, has announced to the press that he has perfected a fully functional time machine. He has invited leaders of press, business, academia and government to see the device unveiled at an off-season hotel in the ski resort town of Sleepy lake, Colorado, near his reclusive mountain home.

Despite Dr. Louard's prestigious career, most people are skeptical of the eccentric inventor's ambitious claims. Still, many believe that it could be for real, and the possibility of unraveling history itself has attracted some very unexpected attention. Dr. Louard's press conference is sure to attract the attention of the sort of people who would want a time machine.

The Details

What: Time Bounce is a live action game to be played on a single day.
Who: Time Bounce is open to new players and experienced players alike. The game is written for about 40 players.
When: Sunday, May 4, 2008. Doors open at 11, opening at noon. Game runs until 9pm.
Where: Peninsula Room & Boardroom, Hilton Garden Inn, 840 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View, California 94040. Just southeast of 85 & El Camino. The hotel has plenty of parking, a small in-house restaurant, and is easy to find.
How Much: No charge to join and play. An optional $20-40 donation is welcome to help defer hotel and materials costs. I'll pass around a hat at the start of the game - no one will be turned away or even given a funny look for not donating.
Why: Because it's about time!
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