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New Vampire the Masquerade game starting up.

I'm starting up a new Vampire the Masquerade game that will coincide with another game that normally plays on Sunday nights at Sonoma State University, however this one is going to be in beautiful downtown Santa Rosa.

The rules are a bit different than Laws of the Night as we have attempted to level the playing field and take as much cheese out as possible.

It's going to be a good time and we are (like many games) looking for fun, mature and friendly people to make friends and role-play with!

Here's the info:

Vampire the Masquerade – New Albion Chronicle
Where: Downtown Santa Rosa – we are meeting in the Barnes & Noble parking lot, game in the alley by the Library.
When: Friday nights -Check the schedule for specific dates – Check in at 7:30 Game on at 8:00 sharp.

Storyteller Contact: woodypurdy AT gmail DOT com
Yahoo group info: newalbionlarp@yahoogroups.com

New Albion:
In the Shadow New Jerusalem exists the Domain of New Albion. The Domain which presides over the more affluent, and more decadent human masses. This is where the power brokers of San Francisco's Mortal population call home. The territory consists of Marin County and it's various cities which in the World of Darkness has encompassed them into the common mass known as New Albion. The various Burroughs of San Rafael, Novoto, Marin City, and such. So intertwined with the region is New Albion that Princes of San Francisco and New Jerusalem battle for influence.

In times past the Domain has changed hands between the Camarilla and the Sabbat it has been considered the shadow of the two Domains, to such an affect that the wicked thrive in the darkness. These two rival factions have left an indelible mark upon the Domain and it's residents.

In recent nights New Albion was torn asunder by a civil war after the scandalous fall of the powerful Malkavian Prince Fritz Frenzy. As the region was shattered into pieces New Albion was a tale of two Princes: Josephus Jackson; the Ventrue Prince of New Jerusalem who took control of the Domain to add to his own , and Solomon Payne Brujah of Elder blood; as the contender. These two powerful Kindred insisting on the hold of the territory, the populous insisting on cessation from the Ventrue's hold, all siding with Solomon Payne. This Civil war almost turned bloody but through tense political negotiations between the two Princes peace prevailed with a tentative truce.

The Domain of New Albion is a complex Domain, it's residents are no less complex, there are several factions that exist in the various locations:

The most numerous constituency is the Camarilla, existing of two parties: The conservative traditionalists who hold positions and power and the eagerly anxious who covet said power.

The Giovanni organized crime family.

The Sabbat who still lurk and thrive in New Albion their packs separated their allies unknown.

Which one will you play?

Character Creation:
Standard Midnight Reflections character creation but with these differences:
Choose a Clan:

Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue – 0 xp
Caitiff, – 3 xp
Schismatic Assamites – 12 xp

Giovanni, Gangrel– 3 xp
Follower of Set – 6 xp

Tzimisce, Lasombra, Serpents of Light – 15xp
Antitribu, Harbinger of Skulls, Pander – 20xp

Character Generation: A bit different from what you are used to, you may buy down as normal up to 11th generation at 2 creation points each, 10th generation is available for 5 additional creation points and 9th generation is available for 5 more creation points. (EG: Follower of Set wishing to play 9th generation cost 20 creation points)

There is also going to be other creation benefits depending on what you play that the Storytellers will discuss with you privately that will be thematically appropriate to the game. This will include but is not limited, nor promised (xp, influences, retainers, havens, boons, etc.)

Crossover: This game is intended to stand alone, and is not supposed to be a way for New Jerusalem characters to come and “beef up” or interact. If interaction does happen, it will be on an individual case basis and that character WILL NOT earn XP for that night. There is also no promise of a safe passage there or a safe return. Do this at your own risk. There are also IC reasons why characters will not travel either North or South which you will have to discover at your own risk. If New Jerusalem or New Albion characters desire to no longer take residence in these cities and wish to take residence in the other, it will be done on a case by case basis, simply because the power level of the characters may or may not be an issue. Forfeiture of some items may be required before moving to the other domain.

Relation to existing New Albion characters:

If players want to play existing characters that exist in New Albion, this is a possibility and you may even get access to items not normally available at character creation.

Speak with the Storytellers if you have any questions, clarifications or concerns privately.

Characters will earn 2 xp per night normally, and can earn an extra 1 xp per month for the following reasons: (Leadership, Costuming, Extraordinary Role-playing, and Recruitment).

You may spend XP at any time by sending Woody an Email or filling out an XP spend sheet.

There will be a steep ramp up of xp awarded each night for the first few games so make sure you attend!

Note to players or “Duh”!
This is a cooperative yet competitive game, it is highly encouraged to not discuss anything about your character out of character to other players, even if you do not care if others know the information as this will detract from the mystery of the game. Sometimes less information is better for a game of intrigue.

Also you are expected to stay in character as much as possible and if you need to walk away or go out of character you will do so in a capacity that will not disrupt the flow of the game.

If your character dies, or gets screwed over, it's expected... so no crying! I promise to be as fair as possible in all things, even if this doesn't bode well for your character.

We will be playing downtown Santa Rosa, during this time it is important to pay attention to “downtown etiquette” as in, don't do anything that will “freak the mundanes”, also I'm not your mother, if you wish to have a beer before game or what-not, please use restraint and caution and don't come to game inebriated. It is also expected and is a no-brainer that all players will abide by all laws and will not disrupt businesses or other's ability to enjoy the downtown environment.

Most importantly: Help others have fun, and have fun in return!

*** A note for new players ***

There will be players and the Storytellers that will assist you with creating a character and showing you how to play. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and will encourage you to step outside of your normal boundaries and push yourself to new social heights. This is all done in a safe and sane environment. If you ever feel uncomfortable, please talk with a Storyteller.

Material on Vampire the Masquerade can be found online, or with books that many other players own. You can also purchase these books in various locations such as http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/ .
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