jacktheblack44 (jacktheblack44) wrote in bayarea_larping,

New to larping

Howdy Everyone

    I am new to the idea of playing in a LARP group.  I have been a member of the SCA for years but less then fully active now, I enjoy fencing and fighting.  I was hoping someone could direct me to a group that might be suitable for new person looking to get his feet wet.


Jack the Black
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Hello Jack, are you familiar with AllianceLARP (formerly NERO Alliance). It's a fantasy boffer larp. Costumes, light-core foam boffers, spells delivered via packets... that sort of thing. I am one of the plot staff for our San Francisco chapter, and I am always encouraging new players to join. It's not as heavy as the SCA, but a number of our players do both and find good reasons to enjoy each for its differences.

Please take a look at the following links. www.nerohq.com is the central site for all the AllianceLARP chapters. It has much better descriptions of who we are and what we do than I can give.

www.alliancesf.net is the forums for our chapter. Please take a look around that, read up on what we are doing, and if you have questions, I can be sent messages thru it, my handle on that site is Warlock.

Hope to hear from you, and see you out there sometime swinging foam with us.

Ha, beat me to the response.

Alliance LARP are good folks from what I've heard, and are sure to put on a good show. I've not made it to one of their events, yet. Also in the area are NERO West (a NERO International chapter), and Realms of Conflict (formerly Adventures Unlimited), both of which I've been involved with for a while.

All of the above are "boffer" LARPS set in medievalesque fantasy worlds. Alliance and NERO have similar rulesets, having had the same genesis. RoC has just done a major rewrite of their rules, and they're in the process of refining and playtesting them.

There are multiple non-combat larps around as well, but I'm not too up on who and what they are.

NERO West has a site at http://www.nerowest.com where they announce events and post game info. They run games in Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz mountains. (Disclaimer - I help run plot at NERO West).

Realms of Conflict has a Yahoo group they use for their central information repository, including event dates. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Realmsofconflictlarp/ will get you there. They run games in the Santa Cruz mountains and Redwood City.

Other resources to learn about larping:

larpspace.com - Think MySpace for LARPS... plenty of ways to find out about LARPS there.
larplist.com - Shade's list of LARPs... not always up to date, but a good start.


Thanks for all the replies, I will look through the rules and see where I might fit in best.